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No, Oprah is not a Christian

A lot of people like Oprah. She has a lot of interesting guests on her shows. As is the nature of the news/ entertainment industry, Oprah tries to examine the many layers, the many facets, of cultural interest her audience may enjoy or engage in. I cannot fault her for that. On the other hand, don’t be deceived. She is not an expert,nor should she have a place of endearment in the hearts of Christians seeking solace or wisdom. If you haven’t already seen it or read it, check out this piece by Ken Silva found on


By Ken Silva pastor-teacher on May 14, 2012 in AM Missives, Current Issues, Features, New Spirituality

As Apprising Ministries monitors the Net and social media one of the trends I’m seeing is postmodernism’s effects slithering more deeply into the professing Christian community. Combined with the sappy sentimentality spread by practice of ;Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism ;people are now deciding issues by their feelings.

My point being, ;it simply doesn’t matter one iota how we may feel about a given subject; it’s truth or falsehood is based upon factuality, not feelings. A case in point right now is Oprah Winfrey. Once again people are becoming convinced that the media mogul is a Christian. As a matter of fact, Winfrey even makes that claim herself. Continue reading