The Book

From one of my students…


I picked up the plate from the table and started out of the kitchen, then down the hall. I’d barely made it three steps when a foot shot out in front of me. I tripped and landed flat on my face, the plate of food splattering the walls. A strong hand gripped my arm, and pulled me up. I braced myself for what was coming. After two seconds, the hand slapped my face. That would be the third time today. My face burned like fire. A voice filled with rage followed. “You know we are low on food. Do not be so clumsy, or you will feel something worse than that.”

My name is Tabitha. I am an Egyptian slave. My people, the Hebrews, have been slaves of the Egyptians for many years. For all of my fourteen years, I have been a servant in the palace. I don’t have…

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