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The Book

From one of my students…


I picked up the plate from the table and started out of the kitchen, then down the hall. I’d barely made it three steps when a foot shot out in front of me. I tripped and landed flat on my face, the plate of food splattering the walls. A strong hand gripped my arm, and pulled me up. I braced myself for what was coming. After two seconds, the hand slapped my face. That would be the third time today. My face burned like fire. A voice filled with rage followed. “You know we are low on food. Do not be so clumsy, or you will feel something worse than that.”

My name is Tabitha. I am an Egyptian slave. My people, the Hebrews, have been slaves of the Egyptians for many years. For all of my fourteen years, I have been a servant in the palace. I don’t have…

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Enabling Mamas & Their Entitled little Men

Act Like Men Part 4


Act Like Men Part 4 – 

WaterMark Community Church – Pastor Todd Wagner

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Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.(1 Cor. 16:13, 14 ESV)

  • The reality of life in this world is that we all have been disappointed or wounded in ways that challenge (not necessarily control) our ability to live strong, healthy and productive lives.
By 2013 female college grads will outnumber men getting degrees by three to two.  That means for every entry-level job, we’ll be outnumbered by women who are just as hungry to get their feet in the door.  Is this a crisis for men?  No, but it does mean we need to find a new way to measure our suitability for the opposite sex.  Traditional male roles aren’t shifting – they’ve shifted.  And if it’s not…

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Don’t You Dare Quit Now

Good stuff from a good friend


by Kevin Cassil
February 28, 2014

I recently wrote an article entitled “Live Above the World,” about the wonderful things that God wants to do in the lives of those who love Him. I believe it really is true that we can’t even imagine the things that God wants to do for us – things we’ve never seen or heard of or even dreamed – God really does want to do those things in your life![1] So where are they?

God is absolutely able to do far more than we can ask or imagine.[2] So why do so many who call ourselves followers of God; who say we love Him; not see on a regular basis what we’ve never seen or hear about what we’ve never heard or witness what we never imagined? What is it that keeps us from truly and consistently living above this…

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